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Here you’ll find advice and the latest information from Pest Control professionals nationwide.  Our video library shows you everything about the pests and how kill them. Should you decide to tackle a bed bug infestation yourself, please see our ads. We have selected the best exterminating products for the job and found competitive prices.

– Concerned about getting them?bed bug control center photo shows the bed bug life cycle and the size of bed bugs
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– Think you have an infestation?
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 – Want to get rid of them?
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Bed Bug Control (NYC)

The Bed Bug Exterminators operate from New York City. If you decide to exterminate, and live in any of the five boroughs, then please call (24/7) at: 347-292-7494.
Bed bug sniffing dogs provide you the best detection method! That means you can sleep better knowing the infestation problem is solved and you got a great deal.

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